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2019 journal article

Amplification-by-Polymerization in Biosensing for Human Genomic DNA Detection

ACS SENSORS, 4(4), 992–1000.

By: P. He n, X. Lou n, S. Woody n & L. He n

author keywords: amplification-by-polymerization; biosensors; genomic DNA detection; RAFT; ATRP
MeSH headings : Biosensing Techniques / methods; Chromosomes, Human, X / chemistry; Chromosomes, Human, Y / chemistry; DNA / blood; DNA / genetics; DNA Probes / chemistry; DNA Probes / genetics; Female; Genomics / methods; Genotype; Humans; Male; Nucleic Acid Hybridization; Photometry / methods; Polyethylene Glycols / chemical synthesis; Polyethylene Glycols / chemistry; Polymerization; Proof of Concept Study; Sex
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2008 journal article

Surface passivation using oligo(ethylene glycol) in ATRP-assisted DNA detection


By: X. Lou n & L. He n

author keywords: surface passivation; oligo(ethylene glycol); self-assembled monolayer; DNA sensing
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2007 journal article

Core-shell Au nanoparticle formation with DNA-polymer hybrid coatings using aqueous ATRP

BIOMACROMOLECULES, 8(5), 1385–1390.

By: X. Lou n, C. Wang* & L. He*

MeSH headings : Coated Materials, Biocompatible / chemical synthesis; DNA / chemistry; Electrophoresis; Gold / chemistry; Microscopy, Electron, Transmission; Nanoparticles / chemistry; Polymers / chemistry; Water / chemistry
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2007 journal article

Design, synthesis, and evaluation of efflux substrate-metal chelator conjugates as potential antimicrobial agents


By: Y. Zheng*, C. Ballard n, S. Zheng, X. Gao*, K. Ko*, H. Yang*, G. Brandt*, X. Lou n ...

author keywords: design; synthesis; efflux substrate-metal chelator conjugates; antimicrobial agents
MeSH headings : Anti-Bacterial Agents / chemical synthesis; Anti-Bacterial Agents / pharmacology; Bacillus subtilis / drug effects; Bacteria / drug effects; Bacteria / metabolism; Chelating Agents / chemical synthesis; Chelating Agents / pharmacology; Drug Design; Drug Resistance, Multiple, Bacterial; Escherichia coli / drug effects; Indicators and Reagents; Metals / metabolism; Microbial Sensitivity Tests; Structure-Activity Relationship
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2006 journal article

DNA-accelerated atom transfer radical polymerization on a gold surface

LANGMUIR, 22(6), 2640–2646.

By: X. Lou n & L. He n

MeSH headings : Base Sequence; DNA, Single-Stranded / chemistry; Gold / chemistry; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Biomolecular
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2006 review

Radical polymerization in biosensing


By: X. Lou n, P. He n, G. Okelo n & L. He n

author keywords: free radical polymerization; controlled; living radical polymerization; biosensors; biosensing
MeSH headings : Artifacts; Biosensing Techniques / methods; Free Radicals; Polymers; Surface Properties
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2005 journal article

Detection of DNA point mutation by atom transfer radical polymerization

ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 77(15), 4698–4705.

By: X. Lou n, M. Lewis n, C. Gorman n & L. He n

MeSH headings : DNA / analysis; DNA / genetics; DNA / ultrastructure; Free Radicals / chemistry; Microscopy, Atomic Force; Molecular Structure; Point Mutation / genetics; Polyhydroxyethyl Methacrylate / chemistry; Spectrum Analysis
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2004 journal article

Barcoding the microworld

Analytical Chemistry, 76(19), 353A–359.

By: N. Finkel, X. Lou, C. Wang & L. He

Source: NC State University Libraries
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