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2006 review

Allopolyploid origin of Cardamine asarifolia (Brassicaceae): Incongruence between plastid and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences solved by a single-copy nuclear gene


By: J. Lihova*, K. Shimizu & K. Marhold*

author keywords: Chalcone synthase gene; Cruciferae; flow cytometry; genome size; hybridization; nrDNA; polyploidy
Source: Web Of Science
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2006 journal article

Evolutionary Genomics (Evolutionary and Ecological Functional Genomics) -- the power of Arabidopsis thaliana to study adaptive evolution

Japanese Journal of Ecology, 56(1), 28.

By: K. Shimizu

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2005 journal article

Evolutionary and ecological genomics of arabidopsis

PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 138(2), 578–584.

By: K. Shimizu & M. Purugganan

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2004 article

Darwinian selection on a selfing locus (Retracted Article. See vol 320, pg 176, 2008)

Shimizu, K. K., Cork, J. M., Caicedo, A. L., Mays, C. A., Moore, R. C., Olsen, K. M., … Purugganan, M. D. (2004, December 17). SCIENCE, Vol. 306, pp. 2081–2084.

By: K. Shimizu, J. Cork, A. Caicedo, C. Mays, R. Moore, K. Olsen, S. Ruzsa, G. Coop* ...

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