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2008 journal article

Evidence for a transposition event in a second NITR gene cluster in zebrafish

Immunogenetics, 60(5), 257–265.

By: J. Yoder, J. Cannon*, R. Litman*, C. Murphy*, J. Freeman* & G. Litman*

author keywords: multigene family; cytogenetics; retrotransposition
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID, Crossref
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2007 journal article

Ergonomic interventions for the reduction of back and shoulder biomechanical loading when weighing calves


By: S. Southard, J. Freeman, J. Drum & G. Mirka

author keywords: livestock handling; lumbar injury; shoulder injury; biomechanical modeling; EMG
Source: Web Of Science
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2005 journal article

A study of lifting tasks performed on laterally slanted ground surfaces

ERGONOMICS, 48(7), 782–795.

By: Z. Jiang, G. Shin, J. Freeman, S. Reid & G. Mirka

author keywords: asymmetric lifting; surface angle; biomechanical model; slant; slope; slip
Source: Web Of Science
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