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2020 journal article

A multi-proxy study of changing environmental conditions in a Younger Dryas sequence in southwestern Manitoba, Canada, and evidence for an extraterrestrial event


By: J. Teller*, M. Boyd*, M. LeCompte*, J. Kennett*, A. West, A. Telka*, A. Diaz*, V. Adedeji* ...

author keywords: Glacial lake; Manitoba; Younger Dryas; Paleoecology; Floods; Extraterrestrial event
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2019 journal article

Sedimentary record from Patagonia, southern Chile supports cosmic-impact triggering of biomass burning, climate change, and megafaunal extinctions at 12.8 ka


By: M. Pino*, A. Abarzua*, G. Astorga*, A. Martel-Cea*, N. Cossio-Montecinos*, R. Navarro*, M. Lira*, R. Labarca* ...

Source: Web Of Science
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2017 article

Biocoatings: challenges to expanding the functionality of waterborne latex coatings by incorporating concentrated living microorganisms

Flickinger, M. C., Bernal, O. I., Schulte, M. J., Broglie, J. J., Duran, C. J., Wallace, A., … Velev, O. D. (2017, July). JOURNAL OF COATINGS TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH, Vol. 14, pp. 791–808.

By: M. Flickinger n, O. Bernal n, M. Schulte n, J. Broglie n, C. Duran n, A. Wallace n, C. Mooney n, O. Velev n

author keywords: Biocoatings; Biocatalysts; Waterborne coating functionality; Nanoporous coatings; Engineered microbes in coatings; Bioabsorbers; Desiccation tolerance
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2016 journal article

A High Gas Fraction, Reduced Power, Syngas Bioprocessing Method Demonstrated With a Clostridium ljungdahlii OTA1 Paper Biocomposite


By: M. Schulte n, J. Wiltgen n, J. Ritter n, C. Mooney n & M. Flickinger n

author keywords: Clostridium ljungdahlii; gas-to-liquid fuels; biocomposite; process intensification; biofuels; syngas
MeSH headings : Acetates / metabolism; Biofuels; Bioreactors / microbiology; Clostridium / metabolism; Ethanol / metabolism; Gases / metabolism; Paper
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2014 journal article

Nephrolithiasis in free-ranging North American river otter (lontra canadensis) in North Carolina, USA

Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 45(1), 110–117.

By: J. Niemuth*, C. Sanders, C. Mooney*, C. Olfenbuttel, C. DePerno* & M. Stoskopf*

author keywords: Calcium phosphate; computed tomography; energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy; Lontra canadensis; nephrolith; North American river otter; uric acid
MeSH headings : Animals; Female; Male; Nephrolithiasis / epidemiology; Nephrolithiasis / pathology; Nephrolithiasis / veterinary; North Carolina / epidemiology; Otters
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID, Crossref
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2014 journal article

Specific Photosynthetic Rate Enhancement by Cyanobacteria Coated Onto Paper Enables Engineering of Highly Reactive Cellular Biocomposite "Leaves"


By: O. Bernal n, C. Mooney n & M. Flickinger n

author keywords: cellular biocomposites; gas-phase biocatalysis; cyanobacteria specific photosynthetic rates; biomimetic leaf
MeSH headings : Anabaena / growth & development; Anabaena / physiology; Biomimetic Materials / metabolism; Biomimetics / methods; Bioreactors; Carbon Dioxide / metabolism; Cell Engineering / methods; Cells, Immobilized / physiology; Nitrates / metabolism; Oxygen / metabolism; Paper; Photosynthesis; Synechococcus / growth & development; Synechococcus / physiology; Synechocystis / growth & development; Synechocystis / physiology
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2013 personal communication

Reply to Boslough: Prior studies validating research are ignored

By: M. LeCompte, D. Batchelor, M. Demitroff, E. Vogel, C. Mooney, B. Rock, A. Seidel

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2012 journal article

Independent evaluation of conflicting microspherule results from different investigations of the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 109(44), E2960–2969.

By: M. LeCompte, A. Goodyear, M. Demitroff, D. Batchelor, E. Vogel, C. Mooney, B. Rock, A. Seidel

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2010 journal article

Diamond tool wear measurement by electron-beam-induced deposition


By: M. Shi n, B. Lane n, C. Mooney n, T. Dow n & R. Scattergood n

author keywords: Diamond turning; Diamond tool wear; EBID; Edge radius; Wear land
Source: Web Of Science
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2005 journal article

Mapping contact potential differences with noncontact atomic force microscope using resonance frequency shift versus sample bias voltage curves

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. Part 1, Regular Papers, Short Notes & Review Papers, 44(11), 8113–8115.

By: S. Kitamura, K. Yonei, M. Iwatsuki, C. Mooney & Y. Fukuda

Source: NC State University Libraries
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