Works (2)

2009 journal article

Urea metabolism in beef steers fed tall fescue, orchardgrass, or gamagrass hays

JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 87(4), 1346–1353.

By: G. Huntington, K. Magee, A. Matthews, M. Poore & J. Burns

author keywords: fescue; gamagrass; orchardgrass; steer; urea metabolism
Source: Web Of Science
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2005 journal article

Intake, digestion, and N metabolism in steers fed endophyte-free, ergot alkaloid-producing endophyte-infected, or nonergot alkaloid-producing endophyte-infected fescue hayI

Journal of Animal Science, 83(5), 1179–1185.

By: A. Matthews, M. Poore, G. Huntington & J. Green

Source: NC State University Libraries
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