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2009 journal article

Effect of Heliothis subflexa herbivory on fruit abscission by Physalis species: the roles of mechanical damage and chemical factors


By: J. Petzold n, C. Brownie n & F. Gould n

author keywords: Fruit abscission; Heliothis subflexa; herbivore-induced plant defences; insect oral secretions; mechanical damage; Physalis
Source: Web Of Science
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2006 journal article

Architectural and physiological mechanisms of reduced size inequality in CO2-enriched stands of common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia)

GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY, 12(9), 1680–1689.

By: K. Stinson*, J. Tranz, J. Petzold n & F. Bazzaz*

author keywords: Ambrosia artemisiifolia; CO2; dominant; photosynthesis; plant architecture; ragweed; size inequality; subordinate
Source: Web Of Science
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