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2011 journal article

Failure of nebulized irritant, acidic, or hypotonic solutions or external mechanical stimulation of the trachea to consistently induce coughing in healthy, awake dogs

Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research, 75(3), 228–232.

By: T. Boyle, E. Hawkins, J. Davis & I. Robertson

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2011 journal article

Treatment of Three Cats with Hyperviscosity Syndrome and Congestive Heart Failure Using Plasmapheresis


By: T. Boyle, M. Holowaychuk, A. Adams & S. Marks

Source: Web Of Science
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2007 article

Use of basal serum or plasma cortisol concentrations to rule out a diagnosis of hypoadrenocorticism in dogs: 123 cases (2000-2005)

Lennon, E. M., Boyle, T. E., Hutchins, R. G., Friedenthal, A., Correa, M. T., Bissett, S. A., … Birkenheuer, A. J. (2007, August 1). JAVMA-JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, Vol. 231, pp. 413–416.

By: E. Lennon, T. Boyle, R. Hutchins, A. Friedenthal, M. Correa, S. Bissett, L. Moses, M. Papich, A. Birkenheuer

Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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