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2024 article

Not afraid of the big bad wolf: calls from large predators do not silence mesopredators

Root-Gutteridge, H., Smith, B. R., Kershenbaum, A., Butkiewicz, H., Fontaine, A. C., Owens, J. L., … Dassow, A. (2024, February 14). WILDLIFE BIOLOGY, Vol. 2.

By: H. Root-Gutteridge*, B. Smith*, A. Kershenbaum*, H. Butkiewicz*, A. Fontaine n, J. Owens, L. Schindler*, A. Dassow*

author keywords: Canis familiaris; Canis latrans; Canis lupus; eavesdropping; ecology of fear; interspecific communication
TL;DR: Instead of silencing their competitors, canid vocalizations elicit responses from them suggesting the existence of a complex heterospecific communication network. (via Semantic Scholar)
Sources: Web Of Science, NC State University Libraries
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2023 article

Combining acoustic localisation and high-resolution land cover classification to study predator vocalisation behaviour

Bru, E., Smith, B. R., Butkiewicz, H., Fontaine, A. C., Dassow, A., Owens, J. L., … Kershenbaum, A. (2023, February 13). WILDLIFE RESEARCH, Vol. 2.

By: E. Bru*, B. Smith*, H. Butkiewicz*, A. Fontaine n, A. Dassow*, J. Owens, H. Root-Gutteridge*, L. Schindler*, A. Kershenbaum*

author keywords: anthropogenic disturbance; bioacoustics; Canis latrans; Canis lupus; habitat selection; howl; multilateration; passive acoustic monitoring; remote sensing
TL;DR: This novel combination of two sophisticated, autonomous sensing-driven tools permits us to examine animal land use and behavioural ecology using passive sensors, with the aim of drawing ecologically important conclusions. (via Semantic Scholar)
UN Sustainable Development Goal Categories
15. Life on Land (Web of Science)
Sources: Web Of Science, NC State University Libraries
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2021 journal article

Acoustic localisation of wildlife with low-cost equipment: lower sensitivity, but no loss of precision

Wildlife Research, 49(4), 372–381.

By: B. Smith*, H. Root-Gutteridge*, H. Butkiewicz*, A. Dassow*, A. Fontaine*, A. Markham*, J. Owens, L. Schindler*, M. Wijers*, A. Kershenbaum*

Source: ORCID
Added: January 26, 2024

2017 journal article

Visual classification of feral cat Felis silvestris catus vocalizations

Current Zoology, 63(3), 331–339.

By: J. Owens, M. Olsen*, A. Fontaine*, C. Kloth*, A. Kershenbaum* & S. Waller*

TL;DR: This study shows that cat vocalizations are diverse and complex, and provides an objective and reliable classification system that can be used in future studies, and identifies 3 major categories that further breakdown into 8 subcategories. (via Semantic Scholar)
Source: ORCID
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