Works (4)

2020 journal article

Cercospora nicotianae Isolates from Flue-Cured Tobacco in North Carolina Found with G143A and F1291 Mutations in Cytochrome b Gene

PLANT HEALTH PROGRESS, 21(4), 288–290.

By: A. Ernst & L. Thiessen

author keywords: Cercospora nicotianae; quinone outside inhibitor; strobilurin; fungicide resistance; cytb
Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 4, 2021

2017 journal article

Responses of arthropod populations to warming depend on latitude: evidence from urban heat islands

GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY, 23(4), 1436–1447.

By: E. Youngsteadt, A. Ernst, R. Dunn & S. Frank

author keywords: arthropods; climate change; ectotherms; global warming; latitude; thermal tolerance; urban heat island; urbanization
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: August 6, 2018

2015 journal article

Habitat and species identity, not diversity, predict the extent of refuse consumption by urban arthropods

GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY, 21(3), 1103–1115.

author keywords: ants; arthropods; biodiversity; ecosystem service; hurricane; urban food waste; urbanization
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: August 6, 2018

2013 journal article

Morphology and function of the ovipositor mechanism in Ceraphronoidea (Hymenoptera, Apocrita)


By: A. Ernst, I. Miko & A. Deans

author keywords: Skeletomusculature; second valvula; ovipositor sheath; Aphanogmus; Ceraphron; Conostigmus; Megaspilus; Dendrocerus; Lagynodes; Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology; Phenotypic Quality Ontology; Spatial Ontology
Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 6, 2018