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2009 journal article

Porous Nylon-6 Fibers via a Novel Salt-Induced Electrospinning Method

MACROMOLECULES, 42(3), 709–715.

By: A. Gupta*, C. Saquing*, M. Afshari*, A. Tonelli*, S. Khan* & R. Kotek*

Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2008 journal article

Properties of films and fibers obtained from Lewis acid-base complexed nylon 6,6

POLYMER, 49(5), 1297–1304.

By: M. Afshari n, A. Gupta n, D. Jung n, R. Kotek n, A. Tonelli n & N. Vasanthan*

author keywords: nylon; complexation; GaCl3
Source: Web Of Science
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2004 journal article

Giant vehicles

Journal of Textile and Apparel Technology and Management, 3(4).

By: M. Said, W. Schur, A. Gupta, G. Mock, A. Seyam & T. Theyson

Source: NC State University Libraries
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