2011 journal article

Studies on the entomopathogenicity and bacterial associates of the nematode Oscheius carolinensis

BIOLOGICAL CONTROL, 59(2), 123–129.

By: A. Torres-Barragan, A. Suazo n, W. Buhler & Y. Cardoza

author keywords: Entomopathogen; Symbiosis; Serratia; Providencia; Biocontrol; Insect pest; Nematode; Oscheius
Source: Web Of Science
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2010 journal article

Oscheius carolinensis n. sp (Nematoda: Rhabditidae), a potential entomopathogenic nematode from vermicompost

NEMATOLOGY, 12, 121–135.

By: W. Ye*, A. Torres-Barragan & Y. Cardoza

author keywords: description; Heterorhabditidoides n. syn.; Insectivorus-group; molecular; morphology; Oscheius chongmingensis n. comb.; phylogeny; SEM; taxonomy
Source: Web Of Science
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