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2024 journal article

<i>IPD3</i>, a master regulator of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis, affects genes for immunity and metabolism of non-host <i>Arabidopsis</i> when restored long after its evolutionary loss


By: E. Hornstein n, M. Charles n, M. Franklin n, B. Edwards n, S. Vintila n, M. Kleiner n, H. Sederoff n

author keywords: Mycorrhizae; Symbiosis; Non-mycorrhizal; Genetic engineering; Systems biology; Plant transcriptomics
TL;DR: Interestingly, the effect of expressing IPD3 in Arabidopsis and knocking it out in Lotus was strongest in plants not exposed to AMF, which is revealed to be due to changes in IPD3 genotype causing a transcriptional state, which partially mimics AMF exposure in non-inoculated plants. (via Semantic Scholar)
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Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID, NC State University Libraries
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2024 article

Long- and short-read sequencing methods discover distinct circular RNA pools in <i>Lotus japonicus</i>

Budnick, A., Franklin, M. J., Utley, D., Edwards, B., Charles, M., Hornstein, E. D., & Sederoff, H. (2024, January 20). PLANT GENOME, Vol. 1.

By: A. Budnick n, M. Franklin n, D. Utley n, B. Edwards n, M. Charles n, E. Hornstein n, H. Sederoff n

TL;DR: This is the first identification of L. japonicus circRNA and provides a resource for further characterization of their function in gene regulation and the comparison of methodologies and technologies to sequence, identify, analyze, and validate circRNA from plant tissues will enable further research to characterize the function and biogenesis of circRNA in L. japonicus. (via Semantic Scholar)
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID, NC State University Libraries
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2023 journal article

Emergent molecular traits of lettuce and tomato grown under wavelength-selective solar cells


By: M. Charles n, B. Edwards n, E. Ravishankar n, J. Calero n, R. Henry n, J. Rech*, C. Saravitz n, W. You* ...

author keywords: agrivoltaic; greenhouse; solar power; sustainability; gene networks; photosynthesis; photomorphogenesis
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2022 journal article

High-throughput detection of T-DNA insertion sites for multiple transgenes in complex genomes


By: B. Edwards n, E. Hornstein n, N. Wilson n & H. Sederoff n

author keywords: Transgene; Insertion site; Polyploid; T-DNA; Sequencing
MeSH headings : DNA, Bacterial / genetics; Plant Breeding; Plants, Genetically Modified / genetics; Transgenes
TL;DR: A simple method to identify the sites of transgene insertions using T-DNA-specific primers and high-throughput sequencing that enables identification of multiple insertion sites in the T 1 generation of any crop transformed via Agrobacterium. (via Semantic Scholar)
Sources: Web Of Science, NC State University Libraries
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2019 journal article

Can the Environment have a Genetic Basis? A Case Study of Seedling Establishment in Arabidopsis thaliana

JOURNAL OF HEREDITY, 110(4), 467–478.

By: . Michelle C. D'Aguillo, B. Edwards n & K. Donohue*

author keywords: germination; habitat selection; habitat tracking; phenology; seed dormancy
MeSH headings : Arabidopsis / genetics; Arabidopsis / growth & development; Ecosystem; Environment; Gene-Environment Interaction; Genetic Fitness; Genotype; Germination / genetics; Life Cycle Stages; Phenotype; Plant Development / genetics; Plant Dormancy / genetics; Quantitative Trait Loci; Quantitative Trait, Heritable; Seedlings / genetics
TL;DR: The results suggest that environmentally-cued development may be a widespread mechanism by which genotypes can differ in the environment they experience, introducing the possibility that the environment itself can be inherited and can evolve. (via Semantic Scholar)
Source: Web Of Science
Added: September 30, 2019

2017 journal article

Canalization of Seasonal Phenology in the Presence of Developmental Variation: Seed Dormancy Cycling in an Annual Weed


By: B. Edwards*, L. Burghardt*, K. Kovach* & K. Donohue*

MeSH headings : Arabidopsis / genetics; Arabidopsis / growth & development; Genotype; Plant Dormancy; Plant Weeds / genetics; Plant Weeds / growth & development; Seasons; Seeds / genetics; Seeds / growth & development
TL;DR: Results found that reproductive timing, via both seed-maturation temperature and the timing of dispersal, strongly influenced germination behavior in the weeks immediately following seed burial, however, buried seeds subsequently canalized their germinationbehavior, after losing primary dormancy and experiencing natural temperature and moisture conditions in the field. (via Semantic Scholar)
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15. Life on Land (Web of Science)
Source: Web Of Science
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