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2022 article

Classic indicators and diel dissolved oxygen versus trend analysis in assessing eutrophication of potable-water reservoirs

Burkholder, J. A. M., Kinder, C. A., Dickey, D. A., Reed, R. E., Arellano, C., James, J. L., … Thomas, Z. T. (2022, March 29). ECOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS, Vol. 3.

By: J. Burkholder n, C. Kinder n, D. Dickey n, R. Reed n, C. Arellano n, J. James n, L. Mackenzie n, E. Allen n ...

author keywords: anoxia; hypoxia; chlorophyll; cultural eutrophication; diel dissolved oxygen; falls lake; nitrogen; phosphorus; reservoirs; total organic carbon; trend analysis
MeSH headings : China; Chlorophyll / analysis; Chlorophyll A / analysis; Drinking Water / analysis; Environmental Monitoring; Eutrophication; Lakes / analysis; Nitrogen / analysis; Oxygen; Phosphorus / analysis; Phytoplankton
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2008 journal article

Water level variations in the Neuse and Pamlico Estuaries, North Carolina due to local and remote forcing


By: R. Reed n, D. Dickey n, J. Burkholder n, C. Kinder n & C. Brownie n

author keywords: water surface elevation; lagoonal estuary; autoregressive; empirical orthogonal function; Neuse Estuary; Pamlico Estuary; Pamlico Sound; North Carolina
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2007 article

Eutrophication and cyanobacteria blooms in run-of-river impoundments in North Carolina, USA

Touchette, B. W., Burkholder, J. M., Allen, E. H., Alexander, J. L., Kinder, C. A., Brownie, C., … Britton, C. H. (2007, June). LAKE AND RESERVOIR MANAGEMENT, Vol. 23, pp. 179–192.

By: B. Touchette*, J. Burkholder n, E. Allen n, J. Alexander n, C. Kinder n, C. Brownie n, J. James n, C. Britton*

author keywords: chlorophyll a; cyanobacteria; eutrophic; microcystin; nitrogen; nutrients; phosphorus; reservoirs; turbid
Source: Web Of Science
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2007 review

Phytoplankton and bacterial assemblages in ballast water of US military ships as a function of port of origin, voyage time, and ocean exchange practices

[Review of ]. Harmful Algae, 6(4), 486–518.

By: J. Burkholder, M. G. M., C. G., B. A., O. H. A., P. D. W., S. M. W., Z. M. J. ...

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2006 review

Comprehensive trend analysis of nutrients and related variables in a large eutrophic estuary: A decadal study of anthropogenic and climatic influences

[Review of ]. LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY, 51(1), 463–487.

By: J. Burkholder n, D. Dickey n, C. Kinder n, R. Reed n, M. Mallin*, M. McIver*, L. Cahoon*, G. Melia n ...

Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2004 journal article

Comparative impacts of two major hurricane seasons on the Neuse River and western Pamlico Sound ecosystems


By: J. Burkholder n, D. Eggleston n, H. Glasgow n, C. Brownie n, R. Reed n, G. Janowitz n, M. Posey n, G. Melia n ...

author keywords: estuaries; fisheries; resilience; volume delivery; water quality
MeSH headings : Animals; Disasters; Ecosystem; Eukaryota / growth & development; Fishes; Fresh Water; Models, Statistical; North Carolina; Regression Analysis; Seasons
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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