2019 journal article

Experiments and finite element modeling of hydrodynamics and mass transfer for continuous gas-to-liquid biocatalysis using a biocomposite falling film reactor


By: M. Schulte, M. Robinett, N. Weidle, C. Duran & M. Flickinger

Source: Web Of Science
Added: December 30, 2019

2017 journal article

Biocoatings: Challenges to expanding the functionality of waterborne latex coatings by incorporating concentrated living microorganisms

Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, 14(4), 791–808.

By: M. Flickinger, O. Bernal, M. Schulte, J. Broglie, C. Duran, A. Wallace, C. Mooney, O. Velev

Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: August 6, 2018