Channing Jamielle Mathews


Works (8)

2023 journal article

The roles of school racial climate and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics classroom climate in adolescents? gender and racial peer inclusion and attribution decisions


By: A. Joy, C. Mathews, J. Cerda-Smith, J. Knox & K. Mulvey

Source: Web Of Science
Added: November 28, 2022

2022 article

Critical Action and Ethnic-Racial Identity: Tools of Racial Resistance at the College Transition

Mathews, C. J., Durkee, M., & Hope, E. C. (2022, August 1). JOURNAL OF RESEARCH ON ADOLESCENCE, p. [""].

By: C. Mathews, M. Durkee & E. Hope

Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 15, 2022

2022 article

Preparing the Next Generation for STEM: Adolescent Profiles Encompassing Math and Science Motivation and Interpersonal Skills and Their Associations With Identity and Belonging

Mulvey, K. L., McGuire, L., Mathews, C., Hoffman, A. J., Law, F., Joy, A., … Rutland, A. (2022, May 3). YOUTH & SOCIETY, Vol. 5, p. [""].

By: K. Mulvey, L. McGuire, C. Mathews, A. Hoffman, F. Law, A. Joy, A. Hartstone-Rose, M. Winterbottom ...

Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: May 16, 2022

2022 article

Promoting Diverse Youth's Career Development through Informal Science Learning: The Role of Inclusivity and Belonging

Zhao, M., Mathews, C. J., Mulvey, K. L., Hartstone-Rose, A., McGuire, L., Hoffman, A. J., … Rutland, A. (2022, November 7). JOURNAL OF YOUTH AND ADOLESCENCE, Vol. 11, p. [""].

By: M. Zhao, C. Mathews, K. Mulvey, A. Hartstone-Rose, L. McGuire, A. Hoffman, M. Winterbottom, A. Joy ...

Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: November 21, 2022

2022 article

The role of inclusion, discrimination, and belonging for adolescent Science, Technology, Engineering and Math engagement in and out of school

Mulvey, K. L., Mathews, C., Knox, J., Joy, A., & Cerda-Smith, J. (2022, March 3). JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN SCIENCE TEACHING, p. [""].

By: K. Mulvey, C. Mathews, J. Knox, A. Joy & J. Cerda-Smith

Source: Web Of Science
Added: March 14, 2022

2021 journal article

Assessing adolescents' critical health literacy: How is trust in government leadership associated with knowledge of COVID-19?

PLOS ONE, ["16"](11), [""].

By: C. Mathews, L. McGuire, A. Joy, F. Law, M. Winterbottom, A. Rutland, M. Drews, A. Hoffman, K. Mulvey, A. Hartstone-Rose

Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: February 14, 2022

2021 journal article

Sociopolitical Participation Among Marginalized Youth: Do Political Identification and Ideology Matter?

JOURNAL OF YOUTH DEVELOPMENT, ["16"](5), ["41–63"].

By: A. Marchand, M. Frisby, M. Kraemer, C. Mathews, M. Diemer & A. Voight

Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 3, 2022

2021 journal article

Understanding Parents' Roles in Children's Learning and Engagement in Informal Science Learning Sites


By: A. Joy, F. Law, L. McGuire, C. Mathews, A. Hartstone-Rose, M. Winterbottom, A. Rutland, G. Fields, K. Mulvey

Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: June 10, 2021