Edward V DeBuysscher

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2000 journal article

Nucleotide sequence and vaccinia expression of the nucleoprotein of a highly virulent, neurotropic strain of Newcastle disease virus

AVIAN DISEASES, 44(1), 34–44.

By: M. Ward n, F. Fuller, Y. Mehrotra & E. De Buysscher

author keywords: Newcastle disease virus; nucleoprotein; NP sequence; recombinant vaccinia virus expression of NDV NP
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2000 journal article

Quantitation of thymic and bursal lymphocytes populations in normal and PEMS affected turkeys

Proceedings of the ... Western Poultry Disease Conference, 49(2000), 95–97.

By: E. De Buysscher, S. Tonkonogy, J. Vaillancourt & H. Barnes

Source: NC State University Libraries
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