Erin O'Neil

Dept of Clinical Sciences

2023 article

Bilateral patellar aplasia in a foal

Ludwig, E. K., Hallowell, K., Womble, M., & O'Neil, E. (2023, February 3). VETERINARY MEDICINE AND SCIENCE.

By: E. Ludwig, K. Hallowell, M. Womble & E. O'Neil

author keywords: aplasia; congenital; foal; horse; patella
Source: Web Of Science
Added: February 27, 2023

2022 article

Efficacy of a commercial dry sleeve cryotherapy system for cooling the equine metacarpus

Jacobs, C. C., O'Neil, E., & Prange, T. (2022, July 14). VETERINARY SURGERY.

By: C. Jacobs, E. O'Neil & T. Prange

Source: Web Of Science
Added: July 26, 2022