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2015 journal article

Performing protein crosslinking using gas-phase cleavable chemical crosslinkers and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

METHODS, 89, 64–73.

By: A. Argo n, C. Shi n, F. Liu & M. Goshe

author keywords: Protein structure; Protein-protein interactions; Crosslinking; Gas-phase cleavable crosslinkers; CID-cleavable crosslinkers; Mass spectrometry
Source: Web Of Science
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2013 journal article

Chemical crosslinking and LC/MS analysis to determine protein domain orientation: Application to AbrB


author keywords: NMR; Solution structure; Chemical crosslinking; Domain orientation; AbrB; Gas-phase cleavable
Source: Web Of Science
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2012 journal article

An enhanced protein crosslink identification strategy using CID-cleavable chemical crosslinkers and LC/MSn analysis

PROTEOMICS, 12(3), 401–405.

By: F. Liu, C. Wu*, J. Sweedler* & M. Goshe

author keywords: CID-cleavable crosslinker; Crosslinking; Mass measurement accuracy; Multistage CID; Protein-protein interactions; Technology
Source: Web Of Science
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