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2020 journal article

Characterization of Cas12a nucleases reveals diverse PAM profiles between closely-related orthologs

NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, 48(10), 5624–5638.

By: T. Jacobsen n, F. Ttofali n, C. Liao*, S. Manchalu*, B. Gray* & C. Beisel n

co-author countries: Germany 🇩🇪 United States of America 🇺🇸
MeSH headings : Bacterial Proteins / chemistry; Bacterial Proteins / classification; Bacterial Proteins / genetics; Bacterial Proteins / metabolism; CRISPR-Associated Proteins / chemistry; CRISPR-Associated Proteins / classification; CRISPR-Associated Proteins / genetics; CRISPR-Associated Proteins / metabolism; DNA Cleavage; Endodeoxyribonucleases / chemistry; Endodeoxyribonucleases / classification; Endodeoxyribonucleases / genetics; Endodeoxyribonucleases / metabolism; HEK293 Cells; Humans; Mutation; Phylogeny; Prevotella / enzymology; Protein Biosynthesis; Protein Domains; Transcription, Genetic
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2019 journal article

Modular one-pot assembly of CRISPR arrays enables library generation and reveals factors influencing crRNA biogenesis


By: C. Liao n, F. Ttofali n, R. Slotkowski n, S. Denny n, T. Cecil n, R. Leenay n, A. Keung n, C. Beisel n

co-author countries: Germany 🇩🇪 United States of America 🇺🇸
MeSH headings : Base Sequence; CRISPR-Associated Proteins / metabolism; Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats / genetics; DNA / genetics; Endonucleases / metabolism; Gene Library; Genetic Techniques; HEK293 Cells; Humans; Nucleic Acid Conformation; Plasmids / metabolism; RNA / biosynthesis; RNA, Messenger / genetics; RNA, Messenger / metabolism; Saccharomyces cerevisiae / metabolism
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Added: July 22, 2019