Works (4)

2021 journal article

Dynamic Surfaces-Degradable Polyester Networks that Resist Protein Adsorption


By: G. Mu, C. Pandiyarajan, X. Lu, M. Weaver, J. Genzer & C. Gorman

Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: August 23, 2021

2017 journal article

Rationally Controlling the Self-Assembly Behavior of Triarmed POSS–Organic Hybrid Macromolecules: From Giant Surfactants to Macroions

Macromolecules, 50(13), 5042–5050.

By: W. Zhang, Y. Chu, G. Mu, S. Eghtesadi, Y. Liu, Z. Zhou, X. Lu, M. Kashfipour ...

Sources: Crossref, ORCID
Added: September 16, 2020

2017 journal article

Sequence-Mandated, Distinct Assembly of Giant Molecules

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 56(47), 15014–15019.

By: W. Zhang, X. Lu, J. Mao, C. Hsu, G. Mu, M. Huang, Q. Guo, H. Liu ...

Sources: Crossref, ORCID
Added: November 22, 2020

2016 journal article

Rational controlled morphological transitions in the self-assembled multi-headed giant surfactants in solution

Chemical Communications, 52(56), 8687–8690.

By: Y. Chu, W. Zhang, X. Lu, G. Mu, B. Zhang, Y. Li, S. Cheng, T. Liu

Sources: Crossref, ORCID
Added: September 16, 2020