Giorgio Proestos

Also known as: Giorgio Talotti Proestos; G. T. Proestos; Giorgio T. Proestos

Works (6)

2020 journal article

Smart Infrastructure: A Vision for the Role of the Civil Engineering Profession in Smart Cities

Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 26(2), 03120001.

By: E. Berglund, J. Monroe, I. Ahmed, M. Noghabaei, J. Do, J. Pesantez, M. Fasaee, E. Bardaka ...

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Added: April 10, 2020

2019 journal article

A methodology for the seismic multilevel assessment of unreinforced masonry church inventories in the Groningen area


By: M. Moratti, F. Gaia, S. Martini, C. Tsioli, G. Grecchi, C. Casotto, G. Calvi, D. Den Hertog, P. Calvi, G. Proestos

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Added: September 30, 2019

2016 journal article

Influence of high-strength bars on shear response of containment walls

ACI Structural Journal, 113(5), 917–927.

By: G. Proestos, G. Bae, J. Cho, E. Bentz & M. Collins

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Added: January 8, 2020

2016 conference paper

The design and analysis of reinforced concrete shell elements subjected to in-plane and out-of-plane shear stresses

Proceedings of the 11th fib International PhD Symposium in Civil Engineering, FIB 2016, 695–702.

By: G. Proestos, E. Bentz & M. Collins

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2015 conference paper

Seismic assessment of the full scale four storey E-Defense rocking shear wall Shake Table Test

COMPDYN 2015 - 5th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 3117–3126.

By: G. Proestos, H. Aghabeigi & P. Calvi

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Added: January 8, 2020

2014 conference paper

Investigation of shear response of nuclear power plant wall elements using high strength materials

Engineering for Progress, Nature and People, 867–873.

By: G. Bae, G. Proestos, J. Park, E. Bentz, J. Cho & M. Collins

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North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC, US
Assistant Professor Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering


University of Toronto Toronto, ON, CA
B.A.Sc. Eng. Sci. Division of Engineering Science

University of Toronto Toronto, ON, CA
M.A.Sc. Department of Civil Engineering

University of Toronto Toronto, ON, CA
Ph.D. Department of Civil Engineering and IUSS Pavia