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2020 journal article

Website Usability Differences between Males and Females: An Eye-Tracking Evaluation of a Climate Decision Support System


By: L. Maudlin n, K. McNeal*, H. Dinon-Aldridge n, C. Davis n, R. Boyles* & R. Atkins n

author keywords: Communications; decision making
Source: Web Of Science
Added: February 10, 2020

2017 journal article

Future shift of the relative roles of precipitation and temperature in controlling annual runoff in the conterminous United States

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 21(11), 5517–5529.

By: K. Duan, G. Sun, S. McNulty, P. Caldwell, E. Cohen, S. Sun, H. Aldridge, D. Zhou, L. Zhang, Y. Zhang

Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: August 6, 2018

2017 journal article

Leveraging 35 years of Pinus taeda research in the southeastern US to constrain forest carbon cycle predictions: regional data assimilation using ecosystem experiments

BIOGEOSCIENCES, 14(14), 3525–3547.

Source: Web Of Science
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2016 journal article

Divergence of ecosystem services in US National Forests and Grasslands under a changing climate


By: K. Duan n, G. Sun*, S. Sun*, P. Caldwell*, E. Cohen*, S. McNulty*, H. Aldridge n, Y. Zhang n

MeSH headings : Carbon Sequestration; Climate Change; Ecosystem; Forests; Grassland; Rain; Temperature; United States; Water Supply
Source: Web Of Science
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2014 journal article

Usefulness and uses of climate forecasts for agricultural extension in South Carolina, USA


By: S. Templeton*, M. Shane Perkins*, H. Aldridge n, W. Bridges* & B. Lassiter n

author keywords: Agricultural extension; AgroClimate; Benefits of forecasts; Cochran and McNemar statistics; Decision support tools; South Carolina agriculture; Usefulness and uses of forecasts
Source: Web Of Science
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