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2022 article

Surface Immobilization of a Re(I) Tricarbonyl Phenanthroline Complex to Si(111) through Sonochemical Hydrosilylation

Huffman, B. L., Bein, G. P., Atallah, H., Donley, C. L., Alameh, R. T., Wheeler, J. P., … Dempsey, J. L. (2022, December 22). ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, Vol. 12.

By: B. Huffman*, G. Bein*, H. Atallah, C. Donley*, R. Alameh, J. Wheeler, N. Durand, A. Harvey* ...

author keywords: hybrid photoelectrode; silicon; catalyst immobilization; solar fuels; sonochemical hydrosilylation; redox active monolayer
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2020 journal article

Photophysics and ultrafast processes in rhenium(i) diimine dicarbonyls

Dalton Transactions, 49(33), 11565–11576.

By: H. Atallah, C. Taliaferro, K. Wells & F. Castellano

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2018 journal article

A highly stable indium based metal organic framework for efficient arsenic removal from water

Dalton Transactions.

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2017 journal article

Postmetalated Zirconium Metal Organic Frameworks as a Highly Potent Bactericide

Inorganic Chemistry.

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2017 journal article

Synthesis and biological assessment of novel acylhydrazone derivatives of 2-methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone

Organic Coomunications.

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