2007 article

Reflections on 10 years of sponsored senior design projects: Students win-clients win!

Fornaro, R. J., Heil, M. R., & Tharp, A. L. (2007, August). JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE, Vol. 80, pp. 1209–1216.

By: R. Fornaro, M. Heil & A. Tharp

author keywords: capstone course; software engineering; professional communication
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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1999 conference paper

Preparing technical communicators for future workplaces: A model that integrates teaming, professional communication skills, and a software development process

Conference proceedings, the Seventeenth Annual International Conference of Computer Documentation, 99, September 12-14, 1999, New Orleans, LA USA, 110–119.

By: M. Heil

Sources: NC State University Libraries, ORCID
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