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2018 journal article

Evaluating habitat, prey, and mesopredator associations in a community of marine birds

ICES Journal of Marine Science, 75(5), 1602–1612.

By: H. Goyert, B. Gardner n, R. Veit*, A. Gilbert*, E. Connelly*, M. Duron*, S. Johnson*, K. Williams*

author keywords: commensalism; community ecology; facilitative interactions; high-resolution digital video aerial surveys; hurdle model; interspecific associations; marine hotspot; offshore wind energy development; shipboard surveys
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2016 journal article

Predicting the offshore distribution and abundance of marine birds with a hierarchical community distance sampling model


By: H. Goyert, B. Gardner, R. Sollmann, R. Veit*, A. Gilbert*, E. Connelly*, K. Williams*

author keywords: Bayesian; marine spatial planning; multi-species models; offshore wind energy development; seabird conservation; foraging ecology
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2015 journal article

Foraging specificity and prey utilization: Evaluating social and memory-based strategies in seabirds

Behaviour, 152(7-8), 861–895.

By: H. Goyert

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2014 journal article

Relationship among prey availability, habitat, and the foraging behavior, distribution, and abundance of common terns Sterna hirundo and roseate terns S. dougallii

Marine Ecology Progress Series, 506, 291–609.

By: H. Goyert

author keywords: Social facilitation; Foraging strategy; Community ecology; Prey availability; Sand lance; Distance sampling; Distribution patterns; Spatial habitat models
Source: Web Of Science
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