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2023 article

Biochar-derived dissolved organic matter (BDOM) and its influence on soil microbial community composition, function, and activity: A review

Azeem, M., Sun, T.-R., Jeyasundar, P. G. S. A., Han, R.-X., Li, H., Abdelrahman, H., … Li, G. (2023, March 17). CRITICAL REVIEWS IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.

By: M. Azeem*, T. Sun*, P. Jeyasundar, R. Han*, H. Li n, H. Abdelrahman*, S. Shaheen*, Y. Zhu*, G. Li*

author keywords: Biochar; pyrolysis temperature; feedstock type; dissolved organic matter; soil microbiome; soil enzyme activity; Dan Tsang
Source: Web Of Science
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2023 journal article

Hydrochar more effectively mitigated nitrous oxide emissions than pyrochar from a coastal soil of the Yellow River Delta, China


By: X. You*, X. Wang, R. Sun, Q. Liu, S. Fang, Q. Kong, X. Zhang, C. Xie ...

author keywords: Salt-affected soils; Soil amendments; Global climate warming; Greenhouse gases; Nitrogen cycle; Denitrification
MeSH headings : Nitrous Oxide / analysis; Soil / chemistry; Ecosystem; Rivers; Charcoal / chemistry; Nitrification
Source: Web Of Science
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2023 article

Methylmercury Degradation by Trivalent Manganese

Zhang, S., Li, B., Chen, Y., Zhu, M., Pedersen, J. A., Gu, B., … Yin, H. (2023, March 30). ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY.

author keywords: manganese oxides; manganese; methylmercury; decomposition; adsorption
MeSH headings : Humans; Manganese / chemistry; Methylmercury Compounds / metabolism; Mercury; Oxidants / chemistry; Cysteine
Source: Web Of Science
Added: May 1, 2023

2023 journal article

Wheat straw pyrochar more efficiently decreased enantioselective uptake of dinotefuran by lettuce and dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes than hydrochar in an agricultural soil


author keywords: Pyrochar; Chiral pesticide; Bioavailability; Enantioselectivity; Horizontal gene transfer
MeSH headings : Humans; Soil / chemistry; Anti-Bacterial Agents / pharmacology; Lettuce; Triticum; Ecosystem; Stereoisomerism; Drug Resistance, Microbial / genetics; Pesticides; Bacteria / genetics; Soil Microbiology; Genes, Bacterial
Source: Web Of Science
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2023 article

Zinc Stable Isotope Fractionation Mechanisms during Adsorption on and Substitution in Iron (Hydr)oxides

Yan, X., Li, W., Zhu, C., Peacock, C. L., Liu, Y., Li, H., … Yin, H. (2023, April 12). ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY.

author keywords: metal (hydr)oxides; metal isotope fractionation; interface reactions; isomorphous substitution; adsorption; X-ray absorption fine-structure spectroscopy
MeSH headings : Zinc; Iron; Oxides; Adsorption; Zinc Isotopes; Isotopes
Source: Web Of Science
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2022 journal article

Biochar-compost amendment enhanced sorghum growth and yield by improving soil physicochemical properties and shifting soil bacterial community in a coastal soil


By: S. Yin*, F. Suo*, Y. Zheng*, X. You*, H. Li n, J. Wang, C. Zhang*, Y. Li*, Y. Cheng*

author keywords: biochar; compost; saline soil; soil amendment; sorghum yield; soil physicochemical properties; soil bacteria
Source: Web Of Science
Added: December 5, 2022

2022 article

Effects of C/Mn Ratios on the Sorption and Oxidative Degradation of Small Organic Molecules on Mn-Oxides

Li, H., Reinhart, B., Moller, S., & Herndon, E. (2022, December 19). ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY.

author keywords: Mn-OC interaction mechanisms; OC immobilization; OC oxidation; phase transformation; OC; Mn molar ratio
MeSH headings : Oxidation-Reduction; Oxides / chemistry; Oxides / metabolism; Manganese Compounds / chemistry; Minerals; Citrates; Oxidative Stress
Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 17, 2023

2022 journal article

Effects of cobalt doping on the reactivity of hausmannite for As(III) oxidation and As(V) adsorption


By: S. Zhang, H. Li, Z. Wu, J. Post, B. Lanson, Y. Liu, B. Hu, M. Wang ...

author keywords: Mn oxide; Hausmannite; Transition-metal; Cobalt; Arsenate adsorption; Arsenite oxidation
Source: Web Of Science
Added: June 6, 2022

2022 article

Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Remediate the Phytotoxicity of Quinclorac to Tomato

Zhao, J., Tan, S., Li, H., Wang, Y., Yao, T., Liu, L., & Liu, K. (2022, July 18). BULLETIN OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION AND TOXICOLOGY.

By: J. Zhao*, S. Tan*, H. Li n, Y. Wang*, T. Yao*, L. Liu*, K. Liu*

author keywords: Tomato; Quinclorac; Adsorption; MWCNTs; Phytotoxicity
MeSH headings : Adsorption; Solanum lycopersicum; Nanotubes, Carbon / toxicity; Quinolines; Soil
Source: Web Of Science
Added: July 26, 2022

2022 journal article

New Formulation to Accelerate the Degradation of Pesticide Residues: Composite Nanoparticles of Imidacloprid and 24-Epibrassinolide

ACS OMEGA, 7(33), 29027–29037.

By: J. Zhao*, R. Song*, H. Li n, Q. Zheng*, S. Li*, L. Liu*, X. Li*, L. Bai*, K. Liu*

Source: Web Of Science
Added: September 6, 2022

2022 article

The effects of polyethersulfone and Nylon 6 micromembrane filters on the pyraclostrobin detection: adsorption performance and mechanism

Shao, X., Liu, L., Li, H., Luo, Y., Zhao, J., Liu, S., … Liu, K. (2022, May 28). ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH.

By: X. Shao*, L. Liu*, H. Li n, Y. Luo*, J. Zhao*, S. Liu*, B. Yan*, D. Wang* ...

author keywords: Pyraclostrobin; Polyethersulfone micromembrane; Nylon 6 micromembrane; Adsorption mechanism
MeSH headings : Adsorption; Caprolactam / analogs & derivatives; Hydrogen-Ion Concentration; Iodine; Kinetics; Methanol; Polymers; Spectroscopy, Fourier Transform Infrared; Strobilurins; Sulfones; Thermodynamics; Water; Water Pollutants, Chemical / chemistry
Source: Web Of Science
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