Works (5)

2021 journal article

Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha-Induced Interleukin-1 Alpha Synthesis and Cell Death Is Increased in Mouse Epithelial Cells Infected With Chlamydia muridarum


By: U. Nagarajan, C. Cho, C. Gyorke, S. Nagarajan, J. Ezzell, H. Brochu, I. Huntress, E. Harrell, X. Peng

Source: Web Of Science
Added: September 13, 2021

2020 journal article

Inhalation of lung spheroid cell secretome and exosomes promotes lung repair in pulmonary fibrosis


By: P. Dinh, D. Paudel, H. Brochu, K. Popowski, M. Gracieux, J. Cores, K. Huang, M. Hensley ...

Source: Web Of Science
Added: March 23, 2020

2020 journal article

Systematic Profiling of Full-Length Ig and TCR Repertoire Diversity in Rhesus Macaque through Long Read Transcriptome Sequencing

JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, 204(12), 3434–3444.

By: H. Brochu, E. Tseng, E. Smith, M. Thomas, A. Jones, K. Diveley, L. Law, S. Hansen ...

Source: Web Of Science
Added: July 6, 2020

2019 journal article

Simultaneous profiling of sexually transmitted bacterial pathogens, microbiome, and concordant host response in cervical samples using whole transcriptome sequencing analysis

MICROBIAL CELL, 6(3), 177–183.

By: . Catherine M. O'Connell, H. Brochu, J. Girardi, E. Harrell, A. Jones, T. Darville, A. Sena, X. Peng

Source: Web Of Science
Added: March 18, 2019

2017 review

Elucidating the role of host long non-coding RNA during viral infection: Challenges and paths forward

[Review of ]. Vaccines, 5(4).

By: D. Lemler, H. Brochu, F. Yang, E. Harrell & X. Peng

Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: August 6, 2018