Ian Huntress

College of Veterinary Medicine

Works (2)

2022 journal article

Coupling high-throughput mapping with proteomics analysis delineates cis-regulatory elements at high resolution

NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, ["50"](1), [""].

By: T. Wu, D. Jiang, M. Zou, W. Sun, D. Wu, J. Cui, I. Huntress, X. Peng, G. Li

Source: Web Of Science
Added: February 14, 2022

2021 journal article

Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha-Induced Interleukin-1 Alpha Synthesis and Cell Death Is Increased in Mouse Epithelial Cells Infected With Chlamydia muridarum


By: U. Nagarajan, C. Cho, C. Gyorke, S. Nagarajan, J. Ezzell, H. Brochu, I. Huntress, E. Harrell, X. Peng

Source: Web Of Science
Added: September 13, 2021