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2022 article

Horizontal Gene Transfer and Loss of Serotype-Specific Genes in Listeria monocytogenes Can Lead to Incorrect Serotype Designations with a Commonly-Employed Molecular Serotyping Scheme

Brown, P., Kucerova, Z., Gorski, L., Chen, Y., Ivanova, M., Leekitcharoenphon, P., … Kathariou, S. (2022, December 6). (K. Chousalkar, Ed.). MICROBIOLOGY SPECTRUM, Vol. 12.

By: P. Brown, Z. Kucerova*, L. Gorski*, Y. Chen*, M. Ivanova*, P. Leekitcharoenphon*, C. Parsons, J. Niedermeyer, J. Jackson n, S. Kathariou

Ed(s): K. Chousalkar

author keywords: Listeria monocytogenes; PCR; serotype; foodborne pathogens; horizontal gene transfer
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: December 7, 2022

2021 journal article

Microbial Contamination in Environmental Waters of Rural and Agriculturally-Dominated Landscapes Following Hurricane Florence

ACS ES&T WATER, 1(9), 2012–2019.

author keywords: Fecal contamination; floodwater quality; enteric pathogens; microbial source tracking
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: August 24, 2021

2020 journal article

Listeria monocytogenes at the human–wildlife interface: black bears ( Ursus americanus ) as potential vehicles for Listeria

Microbial Biotechnology, 13(3), 706–721.

By: C. Parsons, J. Niedermeyer, N. Gould, P. Brown, J. Strules, A. Parsons, J. Bernardo Mesa‐Cruz*, M. Kelly* ...

Ed(s): P. Brown

Sources: Web Of Science, Crossref, ORCID
Added: November 25, 2019

2019 journal article

Draft Genome Sequence of Multidrug-Resistant Listeria innocua Strain UAM003-1A, Isolated from a Wild Black Bear (Ursus americanus)


By: C. Parsons, Y. Chen*, J. Niedermeyer, K. Hernandez n & S. Kathariou

Source: Web Of Science
Added: December 9, 2019

2019 journal article

Strain-Specific Differences in Survival of Campylobacter spp. in Naturally Contaminated Turkey Feces and Water


By: L. Good n, W. Miller, J. Niedermeyer, J. Osborne, R. Siletzky, D. Carver, S. Kathariou

author keywords: Campylobacter; Campylobacter coli; Campylobacter jejuni; turkey; antimicrobial resistance; feces; survival; water
Source: Web Of Science
Added: December 16, 2019

2018 journal article

Proximity to Other Commercial Turkey Farms Affects Colonization Onset, Genotypes, and Antimicrobial Resistance Profiles of Campylobacter spp. in Turkeys: Suggestive Evidence from a Paired-Farm Model


By: J. Niedermeyer, L. Ring n, W. Miller, S. Genger n, C. Lindsey n, J. Osborne, S. Kathariou

author keywords: Campylobacter; antimicrobial resistance; colonization; genotype; turkey
Source: Web Of Science
Added: October 19, 2018