Works (4)

2019 | journal article

A sub-one quasi-norm-based similarity measure for collaborative filtering in recommender systems


By: S. Jiang, S. Fang, Q. An & J. Lavery

Source: Web Of Science

2016 | journal article

On linear conic relaxation of discrete quadratic programs

Optimization Methods & Software, 31(4), 737–754.

By: T. Nie, S. Fang, Z. Deng & J. Lavery

Source: NC State University Libraries

2013 | conference paper

Comparison of an l(1)-regression-based and a RANSAC-based planar segmentation procedure for urban terrain data with many outliers

In Image and signal processing for remote sensing xix (Vol. 8892).

By: J. Luo, Z. Deng, D. Bulatov, J. Lavery & S. Fang

Source: NC State University Libraries

2012 | journal article

Univariate cubic L-1 interpolating splines based on the first derivative and on 5-point windows: analysis, algorithm and shape-preserving properties

Computational Optimization and Applications, 51(2), 575–600.

By: Q. Jin, L. Yu, J. Lavery & S. Fang

Source: NC State University Libraries