2022 article

Transcriptome annotation reveals minimal immunogenetic diversity among Wyoming toads, Anaxyrus baxteri

Carlson, K. B., Wcisel, D. J., Ackerman, H. D., Romanet, J., Christiansen, E. F., Niemuth, J. N., … Yoder, J. A. (2022, April 28). CONSERVATION GENETICS.

By: K. Carlson, D. Wcisel, H. Ackerman, J. Romanet, E. Christiansen, J. Niemuth, C. Williams, M. Breen ...

Source: Web Of Science
Added: May 10, 2022

2012 journal article

Pharmacokinetics and tissue elimination of tulathromycin following subcutaneous administration in meat goats

American Journal of Veterinary Research, 73(10), 1634–1640.

By: J. Romanet, G. Smith, T. Leavens, R. Baynes, S. Wetzlich, J. Riviere, L. Tell

Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: August 6, 2018