Jordan Nicole Wood

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Works (2)

2021 journal article

Analysis of Blood Biochemistry of Free Ranging and Human-Managed Southern White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum simum) Using the i-STAT Alinity v (R)


By: S. Trivedi, C. Burnham, C. Capobianco, C. Boshoff, Y. Zheng, J. Pettiglio, K. Ange-van Heugten, H. Bissell, L. Minter

Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 16, 2021

2019 article

Analyses of African elephant (Loxodonta africana) diet with various browse and pellet inclusion levels


By: J. Wood, E. Koutsos, C. Kendall, L. Minter, T. Tollefson & K. Ange-van Heugten

Source: Web Of Science
Added: November 25, 2019