Works (5)

2019 | article

Decreasing Endoscopy No-Shows Using a Lean Improvement Framework

Finn, R. T., Lloyd, B., Patel, Y. A., Allen, J. T., Cornejo, J., Davis, A., … Gellad, Z. F. (2019, June). CLINICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY AND HEPATOLOGY.

By: R. Finn, B. Lloyd, Y. Patel, J. Allen, J. Cornejo, A. Davis, T. McIntosh, S. Ferguson ...

Source: Web Of Science

2014 | journal article

Systems engineering methods for enhancing the value stream in public health preparedness: The role of Markov models, simulation, and optimization

Public Health Reports, 129, 145–153.

By: E. Yaylali, J. Ivy & J. Taheri

Source: NC State University Libraries

2013 | journal article

Endoscopy unit efficiency: Quality redefined

Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 11(9), 1046–36.

By: Z. Gellad, C. Thompson & J. Taheri

Source: NC State University Libraries

2012 | conference paper

A simulation study to reduce nurse overtime and improve patient flow time at a hospital endoscopy unit

In 2012 winter simulation conference (wsc).

By: J. Taheri, Z. Gellad, D. Burchfield & K. Cooper

Source: NC State University Libraries

2004 | journal article

Algorithms for the model configuration problem

IIE Transactions, 36(2), 169–180.

By: S. Morgan, Y. Fathi & J. Taheri

Source: NC State University Libraries