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2016 journal article

The effect of high dose oral manganese exposure on copper, iron and zinc levels in rats

BIOMETALS, 29(3), 417–422.

By: C. Mercadante*, C. Herrera*, M. Pettiglio*, M. Foster, L. Johnson, D. Dorman, T. Bartnikas*

author keywords: Manganese; Copper; Iron; Zinc; Exposure
Source: Web Of Science
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2015 journal article

Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of the Equivalency of Gavage, Dietary, and Drinking Water Exposure to Manganese in F344 Rats


By: M. Foster, T. Bartnikas n, L. Johnson, C. Herrera n, M. Pettiglio n, A. Keene n, M. Taylor n, D. Dorman

author keywords: manganese; pharmacokinetics; oral exposure; dose rate
Source: Web Of Science
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2013 journal article

Interactive effects of pesticide mixtures, predators, and environmental regimes on the toxicity of two pesticides to red-eyed tree frog larvae

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 32(10), 2379–2386.

By: L. Johnson, B. Welch & S. Whitfield

Source: NC State University Libraries
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