Works (4)

2020 journal article

3D Imaging and metabolomic profiling reveal higher neuroactive kavalactone contents in lateral roots and crown root peels of Piper methysticum (kava)


By: Y. Jaiswal, A. Yerke, M. Bagley, M. Ekelof, D. Weber, D. Haddad, A. Fodor, D. Muddiman, L. Williams

Source: Web Of Science
Added: November 16, 2020

2019 journal article

A substitute variety for agronomically and medicinally important Serenoa repens (saw palmetto)


By: Y. Jaiswal, D. Weber, A. Yerke, Y. Xue, D. Lehman, T. Williams, T. Xiao, D. Haddad, L. Williams

Source: Web Of Science
Added: April 2, 2019

2019 journal article

Peanut protein-polyphenol aggregate complexation suppresses allergic sensitization to peanut by reducing peanut-specific IgE in C3H/HeJ mice


By: R. Bansode, P. Randolph, N. Plundrich, M. Lila & L. Williams

Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 12, 2019

2018 journal article

Peanut flour aggregation with polyphenolic extracts derived from peanut skin inhibits IgE binding capacity and attenuates RBL-2H3 cells degranulation via MAPK signaling pathway

Food Chemistry, 263, 307–314.

By: R. Bansode, N. Plundrich, P. Randolph, M. Lila & L. Williams

Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: August 6, 2018