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2023 article

Nature's chefs: Uniting the hidden diversity of food making and preparing species across the tree of life

Taylor, B. W., Allf, B., Hopkins, S. R., Irwin, R. E., Jewell, M., Nevo, O., … Dunn, R. R. (2023, April 19). BIOSCIENCE, Vol. 4.

By: B. Taylor n, B. Allf n, S. Hopkins n, R. Irwin n, M. Jewell n, O. Nevo*, L. Nichols n, N. Valeron* ...

author keywords: drink; food; fruit; mimic; mutualism; nectar; nuptial gift; plating
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2023 article

The Cost of Diversity: An Analysis of Representation and Cost Barriers in Stock Photo Libraries for Health Education Materials, 2021

Chichester, Z. A., Jewell, M. A., LePrevost, C. E., & Lee, J. G. L. (2023, February 1). HEALTH PROMOTION PRACTICE, Vol. 2.

By: Z. Chichester*, M. Jewell n, C. LePrevost n & J. Lee*

author keywords: stock photos; patient education; representation; material development; health promotion; equity
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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