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2022 article

Beyond carbon flux partitioning: Carbon allocation and nonstructural carbon dynamics inferred from continuous fluxes

Miao, G., Noormets, A., Gavazzi, M., Mitra, B., Domec, J.-C., Sun, G., … King, J. S. (2022, July 27). ECOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS.

author keywords: flux partitioning; mass balance; nonstructural carbon; pine plantation; plant carbon allocation
MeSH headings : Carbon; Carbon Cycle; Carbon Dioxide; Ecosystem; Pinus taeda; Soil / chemistry
Source: Web Of Science
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2022 article

Effects of methodological difference on fine root production, mortality and decomposition estimates differ between functional types in a planted loblolly pine forest

Li, X., Zheng, X., Zhou, Q., Gavazzi, M., Shan, Y., McNulty, S., & King, J. S. (2022, October 13). PLANT AND SOIL.

By: X. Li n, X. Zheng*, Q. Zhou*, M. Gavazzi*, Y. Shan*, S. McNulty*, J. King n

author keywords: Fine root; Production; Mortality; Decomposition; Method; Loblolly pine
Source: Web Of Science
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2021 journal article

Ecosystem Productivity and Evapotranspiration Are Tightly Coupled in Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) Plantations along the Coastal Plain of the Southeastern US

FORESTS, 12(8).

By: M. Aguilos n, G. Sun*, A. Noormets*, J. Domec*, S. McNulty*, M. Gavazzi*, P. Prajapati*, K. Minick n, B. Mitra*, J. King n

author keywords: evapotranspiration; gross primary productivity; eddy covariance; coastal plain; loblolly pine plantation; forested wetland; carbon and water coupling
Source: Web Of Science
Added: September 7, 2021