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2023 journal article

Irradiation of ultrasonic sensors and adhesive couplants for application in light water reactor primary loop piping and components


By: J. Wall*, C. Parish*, J. Dixon*, A. Hawari n, M. Liu n & L. Breon*

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2022 article

The Effect of Fluorinated Solvents on the Physicochemical Properties, Ionic Association, and Free Volume of a Prototypical Solvate Ionic Liquid

Burba, C. M., Feightner, K., Liu, M., & Hawari, A. (2022, January 21). CHEMPHYSCHEM.

By: C. Burba*, K. Feightner*, M. Liu n & A. Hawari n

author keywords: density functional calculations; ionic conductivity; perfluorinated solvents; solvate ionic liquids; vibrational spectroscopy
TL;DR: This work explores solvent fluorination for a prototypical SIL based on lithium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide and triethylene glycol and suggests FTEG does not readily coordinate Li+ ; a conclusion that is reinforced by computational studies of [(TEG)1Li]+ and [(FTEG) 1Li]+ cation stabilities. (via Semantic Scholar)
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2020 journal article

Cohesin SA1 and SA2 are RNA binding proteins that localize to RNA containing regions on DNA

NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, 48(10), 5639–5655.

By: H. Pan n, M. Jin*, A. Ghadiyaram n, P. Kaur n, H. Miller*, H. Ta*, M. Liu n, Y. Fan* ...

MeSH headings : Binding Sites; Cell Cycle Proteins / metabolism; Chromosomal Proteins, Non-Histone / metabolism; DNA / metabolism; R-Loop Structures; RNA / metabolism; RNA-Binding Proteins / metabolism
TL;DR: It is discovered that both SA1 and SA2 bind to various RNA containing substrates, including ssRNA, dsRNA, RNA:DNA hybrids, and R-loops, and the majority of R-loop-localized SA1and SA2 are also sites where other subunits of the cohesin complex bind. (via Semantic Scholar)
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2020 journal article

Role of Lithium Codoping in Enhancing the Scintillation Yield of Aluminate Garnets


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2018 journal article

Radiation-induced changes of vacancy-type defects in ferroelectric capacitors as revealed by Doppler broadening positron annihilation spectroscopy


By: H. Zhou n, M. Liu n, S. Williams*, L. Griffin*, C. Cress*, M. Rivas*, R. Rudy*, R. Polcawich* ...

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2018 journal article

Swelling and Free-Volume Characteristics of TEMPO-Oxidized Cellulose Nanofibril Films

BIOMACROMOLECULES, 19(3), 1016–1025.

By: J. Torstensen*, M. Liu n, S. Jin n, L. Deng*, A. Hawari n, K. Syverud*, R. Spontak n, O. Gregersen*

MeSH headings : Cellulose / chemistry; Cyclic N-Oxides / chemistry; Membranes, Artificial; Nanofibers / chemistry; Oxidation-Reduction
TL;DR: Investigation of the swelling behavior and accompanying free volume of self-standing TEMPO-oxidized (TO) CNF films in the presence of water vapor reveals an increase in the freeVolume of TO-CNF films with increasing RH. (via Semantic Scholar)
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2016 journal article

Addition of Monovalent Electrolytes to Improve Storage Stability of Freeze-Dried Protein Formulations


By: H. Goshima*, K. Forney-Stevens*, M. Liu n, K. Qian*, M. Tyagi*, M. Cicerone*, M. Pikal*

author keywords: protein formulation; stability; freeze drying; lyophilization; glass dynamics; mobility; free volume; PALS; mean square displacement; neutron scattering
MeSH headings : Animals; Cattle; Chemistry, Pharmaceutical / methods; Drug Stability; Electrolytes / chemistry; Freeze Drying / methods; Humans; Proteins / chemistry; Serum Albumin, Bovine / chemistry
TL;DR: It is found that small amounts of LiCl and NaCl significantly stabilize these proteins, which is a result at variance with conventional formulation wisdom. (via Semantic Scholar)
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2014 journal article

Improving Finite State Impedance Control of Active-Transfemoral Prosthesis Using Dempster-Shafer Based State Transition Rules

Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems, 76(3-4), 461–474.

By: M. Liu n, F. Zhang n, P. Datseris* & H. Huang n

Contributors: M. Liu n, F. Zhang n, P. Datseris* & H. Huang n

author keywords: Impedance control; Finite state machine; Uncertainty; Amputee gait
TL;DR: This study aimed to generate more robust FSI control of ATP against these variations by using Dempster-Shafer theory (DST)-based transition rules, which yielded enhanced accuracy in state transition timing and reduced control errors when intra- and inter-subject variations were presented. (via Semantic Scholar)
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2013 journal article

Characterization of dynamics in complex lyophilized formulations: II. Analysis of density variations in terms of glass dynamics and comparisons with global mobility, fast dynamics, and Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy (PALS)


By: N. Chieng*, M. Cicerone*, Q. Zhong*, M. Liu n & M. Pikal*

author keywords: Freeze drying; Pharmaceutical stability; Glass dynamics; Density; Free volume; PALS
MeSH headings : Calorimetry, Differential Scanning / methods; Chemistry, Pharmaceutical / methods; Disaccharides / chemistry; Freeze Drying / methods; Glass / chemistry; Growth Hormone / chemistry; Humans; Spectrum Analysis / methods; Sucrose / chemistry; Thermodynamics; Trehalose / chemistry
TL;DR: Free volume changes, evaluated from density data, fast dynamics amplitude of local motion, and PALS hole size data generally are in qualitative agreement for the HES/disaccharide systems studied, which predict decreasing molecular mobility as disaccharides are added to HES. (via Semantic Scholar)
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2013 journal article

Evidence of Positronium Bloch States in Porous Crystals of Zn4O-Coordination Polymers


By: D. Dutta*, J. Feldblyum*, D. Gidley*, J. Imirzian*, M. Liu n, A. Matzger*, R. Vallery*, A. Wong-Foy*

TL;DR: Positronium is shown to exist in a delocalized state in self-assembled metalorganic crystals that have large 1.3-1.5 nm cell sizes, which are the first to allow direct probing with simple annihilation lifetime techniques of the transport properties of long-lived triplet Ps in what is hypothesized to be a Bloch state. (via Semantic Scholar)
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2013 journal article

Influence of network bond percolation on the thermal, mechanical, electrical and optical properties of high and low-k a-SiC:H thin films


By: S. King*, J. Bielefeld*, G. Xu*, W. Lanford*, Y. Matsuda*, R. Dauskardt*, N. Kim*, D. Hondongwa* ...

author keywords: Silicon carbide; Bond percolation; Constraint theory; Low-k; Plasma; Chemical vapor deposition
Source: Web Of Science
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2013 conference paper

The intense slow positron beam facility at The PULSTAR reactor and applications in nano-materials study

Application of accelerators in research and industry, 1525, 455–459.

By: M. Liu, J. Moxom, A. Hawari & D. Gidley

Source: NC State University Libraries
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