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2023 article

Draft Genome Sequences of 158 Listeria monocytogenes Strains Isolated from Black Bears (Ursus americanus) in the United States

Brown, P., Chen, Y., Ivanova, M., Leekitcharoenphon, P., Parsons, C., Niedermeyer, J., … Kathariou, S. (2023, June 5). MICROBIOLOGY RESOURCE ANNOUNCEMENTS, Vol. 6.

By: P. Brown n, Y. Chen*, M. Ivanova*, P. Leekitcharoenphon*, C. Parsons n, J. Niedermeyer n, N. Gould n, J. Strules n ...

Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2023 journal article

Genetic architecture and evolution of color variation in American black bears

CURRENT BIOLOGY, 33(1), 86-+.

By: E. Puckett*, I. Davis*, D. Harper*, K. Wakamatsu*, G. Battu*, J. Belant*, D. Beyer*, C. Carpenter* ...

Source: Web Of Science
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2021 journal article

Growth and reproduction by young urban and rural black bears

JOURNAL OF MAMMALOGY, 102(4), 1165–1173.

By: N. Gould n, R. Powell n, C. Olfenbuttel* & C. DePerno n

author keywords: black bears; litter size; mast production; primiparity; reproductive ecology; urban wildlife; Ursus americanus
Source: Web Of Science
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2020 journal article

A Sheaf Theoretical Approach to Uncertainty Quantification of Heterogeneous Geolocation Information

SENSORS, 20(12).

By: C. Joslyn*, L. Charles*, C. DePerno n, N. Gould n, K. Nowak*, B. Praggastis*, E. Purvine*, M. Robinson*, J. Strules n, P. Whitney*

author keywords: topological sheaves; information integration; consistency radius; wildlife management; stochastic linear model; Kalman filter
Source: Web Of Science
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2020 journal article

Listeria monocytogenes at the human–wildlife interface: black bears ( Ursus americanus ) as potential vehicles for Listeria

Microbial Biotechnology, 13(3), 706–721.

By: C. Parsons n, J. Niedermeyer n, N. Gould n, P. Brown n, J. Strules n, A. Parsons n, J. Bernardo Mesa‐Cruz*, M. Kelly* ...

Ed(s): P. Brown n

MeSH headings : Animals; Animals, Wild / microbiology; Listeria monocytogenes / isolation & purification; Listeria monocytogenes / physiology; Listeriosis / epidemiology; Listeriosis / microbiology; Listeriosis / transmission; Southeastern United States / epidemiology; Ursidae / microbiology
Sources: Web Of Science, Crossref, ORCID
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2019 journal article

Detection and Prevalence of Babesia spp. in American Black Bears (Ursus americanus) from Eastern and Western North Carolina, USA

Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 55(3), 678.

By: L. Westmoreland n, M. Stoskopf n, E. Sheppard n, C. DePerno, N. Gould n, C. Olfenbuttel*, R. Maggi n

author keywords: American black bear; Babesia; North Carolina; PCR; piroplasms; Theileria; Ursus americanus
MeSH headings : Animals; Babesia / classification; Babesia / genetics; Babesia / isolation & purification; Babesiosis / epidemiology; Babesiosis / parasitology; North Carolina / epidemiology; Phylogeny; Polymerase Chain Reaction; Prevalence; Ursidae / parasitology
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID, Crossref
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2019 journal article



By: I. Sasmal n, N. Gould n, K. Schuler*, Y. Chang*, A. Thachil*, J. Strules n, C. Olfenbuttel*, S. Datta, C. DePerno

author keywords: Black bears; carnivores; Leptospira spp.; leptospirosis; reservoir host; urban and suburban areas; Ursus americanus; zoonotic disease
MeSH headings : Animals; Antibodies, Bacterial / blood; Female; Leptospira / immunology; Leptospirosis / blood; Leptospirosis / epidemiology; Leptospirosis / veterinary; Male; North Carolina / epidemiology; Seroepidemiologic Studies; Ursidae / microbiology
Source: Web Of Science
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2016 journal article

Adaptive divergence despite strong genetic drift: genomic analysis of the evolutionary mechanisms causing genetic differentiation in the island fox (Urocyon littoralis)

MOLECULAR ECOLOGY, 25(10), 2176–2194.

By: W. Funk*, R. Lovich*, P. Hohenlohe*, C. Hofman*, S. Morrison*, T. Sillett*, C. Ghalambor*, J. Maldonado* ...

author keywords: conservation genomics; divergent selection; effective population size; genetic drift; population divergence
MeSH headings : Animals; California; Evolution, Molecular; Foxes / genetics; Genetic Drift; Genetic Variation; Genetics, Population; Genotyping Techniques; Islands; Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide; Sequence Analysis, DNA
Source: Web Of Science
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