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2015 journal article

Investigation of the effects of renewable diesel fuels on engine performance, combustion, and emissions

FUEL, 140, 541–554.

By: D. Ogunkoya n, W. Roberts n, T. Fang n & N. Thapaliya n

author keywords: Biofuels; Renewable diesel; Diesel engines; Combustion; Emissions
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2015 journal article

The production of renewable transportation fuel through fed-batch and continuous deoxygenation of vegetable oil derived fatty acids over Pd/C catalyst

International Journal of Energy Research, 39(8), 1083–1093.

By: W. Wang, C. Bai & N. Thapaliya

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2013 journal article

Semi-Batch Deoxygenation of Canola- and Lard-Derived Fatty Acids to Diesel-Range Hydrocarbons

ENERGY & FUELS, 27(12), 7489–7496.

By: J. Ford n, N. Thapaliya n, M. Kelly n, W. Roberts n & H. Lamb n

Source: Web Of Science
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2012 journal article

Hydrocarbon fuels from vegetable oils via hydrolysis and thermo-catalytic decarboxylation

FUEL, 95(1), 622–629.

By: W. Wang n, N. Thapaliya n, A. Campos n, L. Stikeleather n & W. Roberts n

author keywords: Biofuel production; Free fatty acid; Hydrocarbon fuels; Hydrolysis; Deoxygenation
Source: Web Of Science
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