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2009 journal article

Response of soil invertebrates to disturbance across three resource regions in North Carolina


By: M. Barbercheck n, D. Neher n, O. Anas n, S. El-Allaf n & T. Weicht*

author keywords: Soil; Microarthropods; Collembola; Mites; Enchytraeids; Biological indicators; Environmental monitoring; Biodiversity; Wetlands
MeSH headings : Agriculture; Animals; Biodiversity; Conservation of Natural Resources; Ecosystem; Environmental Monitoring; Invertebrates / physiology; North Carolina; Soil / analysis; Soil Microbiology
Source: Web Of Science
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2008 journal article

Evaluation of Pseudomonas syringae strain ESC-11 for biocontrol of crown rot and anthracnose of banana

BIOLOGICAL CONTROL, 46(3), 279–286.

By: S. Williamson n, M. Guzman, D. Marin*, O. Anas n, X. Jin* & T. Sutton n

author keywords: banana; biological control; crown rot; anthracnose; Pseudomonas syrningae strain; ESC-11; Fusarium aff. sacchari; Fusarium pallidoroseum; F. proliferatum; F. oxysporum; Colletotrichum musae; thiabendazole; imazalil
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2005 journal article

Ecosystem type affects interpretation of soil nematode community measures

Applied Soil Ecology, 30(1), 47–64.

By: D. Neher, J. Wu, M. Barbercheck & O. Anas

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2003 journal article

Effects of disturbance and ecosystem on decomposition

APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY, 23(2), 165–179.

By: D. Neher n, M. Barbercheck n, S. El-Allaf n & O. Anas n

author keywords: agricultural ecosystems; balsa wood; cellulose; decomposition; environmental monitoring; forests; indicators; lignin; wetlands
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