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2010 journal article

Theoretical underpinnings for maximal clique enumeration on perturbed graphs

THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE, 411(26-28), 2520–2536.

By: W. Hendrix n, M. Schmidt n, P. Breimyer n & N. Samatova n

author keywords: Graph perturbation theory; Maximal clique enumeration; Graph algorithms; Uncertain and noisy data
Source: Web Of Science
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2009 conference paper

BioDEAL: community generation of biological annotations

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 9.

By: P. Breimyer, N. Green, V. Kumar & N. Samatova

Source: NC State University Libraries
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conference paper

Coupling graph perturbation theory with scalable parallel algorithms for large-scale enumeration of maximal cliques in biological graphs - art. no. 012053

Samatova, N. F., Schmidt, M. C., Hendrix, W., Breimyer, P., Thomas, K., & Park, B. H. Scidac 2008: Scientific discovery through advanced computing, 125, 12053–12053.

By: N. Samatova, M. Schmidt, W. Hendrix, P. Breimyer, K. Thomas & B. Park

Source: NC State University Libraries
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