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2011 journal article

Mechanistic Computational Model of Steroidogenesis in H295R Cells: Role of Oxysterols and Cell Proliferation to Improve Predictability of Biochemical Response to Endocrine Active Chemical-Metyrapone


By: M. Breen, M. Breen*, N. Terasaki*, M. Yamazaki*, A. Lloyd & R. Conolly

author keywords: endocrine disrupting chemicals; mechanistic computational model; in vitro toxicology; metyrapone; H295R cells; steroid biosynthesis
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2007 article

Mechanistic computational model of ovarian steroidogenesis to predict biochemical responses to endocrine active compounds

Breen, M. S., Villeneuve, D. L., Breen, M., Ankley, G. T., & Conolly, R. B. (2007, June). ANNALS OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, Vol. 35, pp. 970–981.

By: M. Breen*, D. Villeneuve*, M. Breen n, G. Ankley* & R. Conolly

author keywords: steroid biosynthesis; mathematical model; sensitivity analysis; endocrine disrupting chemicals; fadrozole; fish; cellular metabolism
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