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2022 article

Genomic map of candidate human imprint control regions: the imprintome

Jima, D. D., Skaar, D. A., Planchart, A., Motsinger-Reif, A., Cevik, S. E., Park, S. S., … Hoyo, C. (2022, June 25). EPIGENETICS, Vol. 6.

By: D. Jima, D. Skaar, A. Planchart, A. Motsinger-Reif, S. Cevik n, S. Park, M. Cowley, F. Wright ...

author keywords: Epigenetics; genomic imprinting; foetal origins; whole genome; methylation; imprint control regions
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2022 article

The science of hope: an interview with Randy Jirtle

Jirtle, R. L. (2022, March 10). EPIGENOMICS.

By: R. Jirtle

author keywords: agouti; epigenome; imprintome; radiation hormesis; transposable elements
Source: Web Of Science
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2021 journal article

Epigenetic Dysregulation of KCNK9 Imprinting and Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

CANCERS, 13(23).

By: D. Skaar, E. Dietze*, J. Alva-Ornelas*, D. Ann*, D. Schones*, T. Hyslop*, C. Sistrunk*, C. Zalles* ...

author keywords: triple negative breast cancer; KCNK9; epigenetics; imprinting
Source: Web Of Science
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2021 article

Memorial Tribute to Kelly H. Clifton IN MEMORY

Jirtle, R. L. (2021, February). RADIATION RESEARCH, Vol. 195, pp. 218–219.

By: R. Jirtle

Source: Web Of Science
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2018 journal article

DNA methylation of imprinted gene control regions in the regression of low-grade cervical lesions


By: A. Gomih*, J. Smith*, K. North*, M. Hudgens*, W. Brewster*, Z. Huang*, D. Skaar, F. Valea* ...

author keywords: methylation; imprinted genes; cervical cancer; neoplasia; epigenetics; HPV
Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 6, 2018

2018 review

Enhancing and Extending Biological Performance and Resilience

[Review of ]. DOSE-RESPONSE, 16(3).

By: R. Leak*, E. Calabrese*, W. Kozumbo*, J. Gidday*, T. Johnson*, J. Mitchell*, C. Ozaki*, R. Wetzker* ...

author keywords: preconditioning; conditioning; adaptation; hormesis; stress; tolerance; biphasic; dose-response; U-shaped; J-shaped; fitness; endurance; epigenetics; dietary restriction; caloric restriction
Source: Web Of Science
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2018 article

Epigenetic Responses to Low Dose Ionizing Radiation

Jirtle, R. L. (2018, August 20). FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, Vol. 124, pp. 559–559.

By: R. Jirtle

Source: Web Of Science
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2017 journal article

An Extended n-h bond, driven by a conserved second-order interaction, orients the flavin n5 orbital in cholesterol oxidase

Scientific Reports, 7.

By: E. Golden, L. Yu, F. Meilleur, M. Blakeley, A. Duff, A. Karton, A. Vrielink

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2017 review

Non-genomic transmission of longevity between generations: potential mechanisms and evidence across species

[Review of ]. EPIGENETICS & CHROMATIN, 10.

By: A. Vaiserman*, A. Koliada* & R. Jirtle

author keywords: Epigenetics; DNA methylation; Transgenerational inheritance; Aging; Age-associated disease; Longevity
Source: Web Of Science
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2016 article

Environmentally Induced Alterations in the Epigenome Affecting Obesity and Cancer in Minority Populations


By: D. Skaar, R. Jirtle & C. Hoyo

author keywords: Obesity; Obesogen; Prostate cancer; Adenocarcinoma; Disparity; Epigenetic
Source: Web Of Science
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2016 journal article

Lead Exposure during Early Human Development and DNA Methylation of Imprinted Gene Regulatory Elements in Adulthood


By: Y. Li*, C. Xie*, S. Murphy*, D. Skaar, M. Nye*, A. Vidal*, K. Cecil*, K. Dietrich* ...

Source: Web Of Science
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2015 journal article

Geographic clustering of elevated blood heavy metal levels in pregnant women


By: K. King*, T. Darrah*, E. Money, R. Meentemeyer, R. Maguire, M. Nye*, L. Michener*, A. Murtha* ...

author keywords: Cadmium; Lead; Mercury; Arsenic; Spatial analysis
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2014 journal article

The Agouti mouse: A biosensor for environmental epigenomics studies investigating the developmental origins of health and disease

Epigenomics, 6(5), 447–450.

By: R. Jirtle

Source: NC State University Libraries
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