Works (2)

2008 journal article

Characterization of a new family of protein kinases from Arabidopsis containing phosphoinositide 3/4-kinase and ubiquitin-like domains


By: R. Galvao, U. Kota, E. Soderblom, M. Goshe & W. Boss

author keywords: phosphoinositide kinase (PIK); phosphorylation; proteasome regulatory particle non-ATPase 10 subunit (proteasome RPN10 subunit); protein kinase; ubiquitin fusion degradation (UFD); ubiquitin-like domain (UBL domain)
Source: Web Of Science
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2003 journal article

Phylogenetic analyses and expression studies reveal two distinct groups of calreticulin isoforms in higher plants

PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 133(3), 1385–1396.

By: S. Persson*, M. Rosenquist*, K. Svensson, R. Galvao, W. Boss & M. Sommarin*

Source: Web Of Science
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