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2020 journal article

Cross-infectivity of honey and bumble bee-associated parasites across three bee families

PARASITOLOGY, 147(12), 1290–1304.

By: L. Ngor*, E. Palmer-Young*, R. Burciaga Nevarez*, K. Russell*, L. Leger*, S. Giacomini n, M. Pinilla-Gallego n, R. Irwin n, Q. McFrederick*

author keywords: Alfalfa leafcutter bee; blue orchard bee; flagellate; Halictus ligatus; host-parasite specificity; Kinetoplastidae; Leishmaniiniae; Megachile rotundata; Osmia lignaria; sweat bee
MeSH headings : Animals; Bees / parasitology; Crithidia / isolation & purification; Crithidia / pathogenicity; Honey / parasitology; Host Specificity; Host-Parasite Interactions; Microsporidiosis / veterinary; Nosema / isolation & purification; Nosema / pathogenicity; Pathology, Molecular; Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction / methods; Trypanosomatina / isolation & purification; Trypanosomatina / pathogenicity
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2018 journal article

Venus Flytrap Rarely Traps Its Pollinators

AMERICAN NATURALIST, 191(4), 539–546.

By: E. Youngsteadt n, R. Irwin n, A. Fowler n, M. Bertone n, S. Giacomini n, M. Kunz, D. Suiter*, C. Sorenson n

author keywords: Venus flytrap; Dionaea muscipula; pollination ecology; pollinator-prey conflict; niche overlap
MeSH headings : Animals; Arachnida / physiology; Droseraceae / physiology; Insecta / physiology; Pollination
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2017 journal article

Context-dependent medicinal effects of anabasine and infection-dependent toxicity in bumble bees

PLOS ONE, 12(8).

By: E. Palmer-Young*, A. Hogeboom*, A. Kaye*, D. Donnelly*, J. Andicoechea*, S. Connon n, I. Weston*, K. Skyrm*, R. Irwin n, L. Adler*

MeSH headings : Anabasine / toxicity; Animals; Bees / drug effects; Bees / parasitology; Host-Parasite Interactions / drug effects; Infections / drug therapy
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