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Updated: April 11th, 2023 10:13

2022 article

An illustration of model agnostic explainability methods applied to environmental data

Wikle, C. K., Datta, A., Hari, B. V., Boone, E. L., Sahoo, I., Kavila, I., … Chang, W. (2022, October 25). ENVIRONMETRICS.

By: C. Wikle*, A. Datta*, B. Hari*, E. Boone*, I. Sahoo*, I. Kavila*, S. Castruccio*, S. Simmons, W. Burr*, W. Chang*

author keywords: explainable AI; feature shuffling; LIME; machine learning; Shapley values
Source: Web Of Science
Added: November 7, 2022

2022 article

Visual Analytics for the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

Healey, C. G., Simmons, S. J., Manivannan, C., & Ro, Y. (2022, January 18). BIG DATA.

By: C. Healey, S. Simmons, C. Manivannan & Y. Ro n

author keywords: coronavirus; COVID-19; data analytics; visualization
Source: Web Of Science
Added: February 7, 2022

2018 journal article

A general framework for gathering data to quantify annual visitation

Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 36(1), 1–21.

By: A. Snider, J. Hill, S. Simmons & J. Herstine

Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: August 6, 2018