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2021 journal article

CDK4 has the ability to regulate Aurora B and Cenpp expression in mouse keratinocytes


By: S. Lee, L. Rodriguez*, R. Majumdar n, P. De Marval* & M. Rodriguez-Puebla

author keywords: cell-cycle; cyclin-dependent kinase 4; Aurora-B; Centromere Protein P; skin; keratinocytes
Source: Web Of Science
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2020 article

Emergent functions of cyclin-dependent kinase 4 regulating aurora b and cenpp transcription

Lee, S. H., Rodriguez, L. R., Marval, P. L. M., & Rodriguez-Puebla, M. L. (2020, August). CANCER RESEARCH, Vol. 80.

By: S. Lee, L. Rodriguez, P. Marval & M. Rodriguez-Puebla

Source: Web Of Science
Added: March 8, 2021

2017 journal article

Cyclin D3 deficiency inhibits skin tumor development, but does not affect normal keratinocyte proliferation

ONCOLOGY LETTERS, 14(3), 2723–2734.

author keywords: skin; epidermis; papillomas; cyclin D3; cyclin-dependent kinase 6; cell cycle
Source: Web Of Science
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2013 journal article

Evaluation of 3-methylhistidine levels in dogs with chronic mitral valve disease

Veterinary Record, 172(16), 426-.

By: S. Lee & C. Hyun

Source: NC State University Libraries
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