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2023 article

Longitudinal Associations Between Neighborhood Child Opportunity and Physical Fitness for New York City Public School Youth

Zewdie, H. Y., Zhao, A. Y., Ogletree, S. S., Messiah, S. E., Armstrong, S. C., Skinner, A. C., … Emily M. D'Agostino. (2023, April 21). AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY, Vol. 4.

By: H. Zewdie*, A. Zhao*, S. Ogletree n, S. Messiah*, S. Armstrong*, A. Skinner*, C. Neshteruk*, J. Hipp n ...

author keywords: child opportunity; neighborhoods; youth fitness
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2023 journal article

Racial, Ethnic, and Socioeconomic Disparities in Multiple Measures of Blue and Green Spaces in the United States

Environmental Health Perspectives, 131(1).

By: J. Klompmaker*, J. Hart*, C. Bailey, M. Browning*, J. Casey*, J. Hanley, C. Minson*, S. Ogletree* ...

MeSH headings : United States; Humans; Socioeconomic Disparities in Health; Parks, Recreational; Environment; Cities; Ethnicity; Socioeconomic Factors
Source: ORCID
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2022 journal article

Associations of Greenness, Parks, and Blue Space With Neurodegenerative Disease Hospitalizations Among Older US Adults

JAMA Network Open, 5(12), e2247664.

MeSH headings : Aged; Humans; Female; United States / epidemiology; Adult; Middle Aged; Male; Medicare; Cohort Studies; Neurodegenerative Diseases; Alzheimer Disease / epidemiology; Hospitalization; Parkinson Disease
Source: ORCID
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2022 journal article

Associations of parks, greenness, and blue space with cardiovascular and respiratory disease hospitalization in the US Medicare cohort

Environmental Pollution.

author keywords: Built environment; Cardiorespiratory health; Nature
MeSH headings : Aged; Cardiovascular Diseases / epidemiology; Cohort Studies; Hospitalization; Humans; Medicare; Respiration Disorders; Respiratory Tract Diseases / epidemiology; United States / epidemiology
Source: ORCID
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2022 journal article

Cultivating social capital in diverse, low-income neighborhoods: The value of parks for parents with young children


By: L. Mullenbach, L. Larson, M. Floyd, O. Marquet, J. Huang, C. Alberico, S. Ogletree, J. Hipp

author keywords: Built environment; Equity; Social capital; Structural equation modeling; Urban parks
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2022 article

Curation of new green space indicator for the U.S.: Accessible & recreational park cover (PAD-US-AR)

Browning, M., Rigolon, A., Ogletree, S., Wang, R., Klompmaker, J., Bailey, C., … James, P. (2022, August 23).

By: M. Browning, A. Rigolon, S. Ogletree*, R. Wang, J. Klompmaker, C. Bailey, R. Gagnon, P. James

Source: ORCID
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2022 magazine article

Evaluating the 2019 Parks Build Community Project

Hipp, J., Deutsch, K., Dunstan, C., Jones, J., & Ogletree, S. (2022, December). Parks & Recreation, 40–44.

By: J. Hipp, K. Deutsch, C. Dunstan, J. Jones & S. Ogletree

Source: ORCID
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2022 journal article

The PAD-US-AR dataset: Measuring accessible and recreational parks in the contiguous United States

Scientific Data, 9(1).

Source: ORCID
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2022 article

The complex relationship between greenspace and well-being in children with and without autism

Barger, B., Larson, L. R., Torquati, J., Moody, E., Ogletree, S., & Rosenberg, S. (2022, October 4). APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY-HEALTH AND WELL BEING, Vol. 10.

author keywords: autism; CSHCN; environmental science; greenspace; well-being
MeSH headings : Child; Humans; Autistic Disorder; Autism Spectrum Disorder; Parks, Recreational
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2022 journal article

Urban greenspace linked to lower crime risk across 301 major U.S. cities

Cities, 131, 103949.

By: S. Ogletree*, L. Larson n, R. Powell*, D. White* & M. Brownlee*

author keywords: Crime; Urban greenspace; Multilevel model
Sources: ORCID, Crossref, Web Of Science
Added: September 1, 2022

2021 journal article

Evaluating Conservation Easement and Land Records Data in Rapidly Growing Counties in the United States and the Implications for Environmental Governance

Society & Natural Resources, 1–18.

By: A. Overby*, C. Dyckman*, S. Ogletree*, N. Fouch*, M. Lauria*, D. White*, R. Baldwin*, K. Amidon*, D. Crum*

author keywords: Conservation easements; conservation planning; land records; land trusts; open data; private landowners
Source: ORCID
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2021 journal article

Urban Park Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Are Socially Vulnerable Communities Disproportionately Impacted?

Frontiers in Sustainable Cities, 3.

By: L. Larson n, Z. Zhang n, J. Oh n, W. Beam n, S. Ogletree*, J. Bocarro n, K. Lee n, J. Casper n ...

author keywords: coronavirus; COVID-19; environmental justice; equity; greenspace; health; outdoor recreation; race
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID, Crossref
Added: September 30, 2021

2020 journal article

Effects of Crime Type and Location on Park Use Behavior

Preventing Chronic Disease, 17.

By: O. Marquet*, S. Ogletree n, J. Hipp n, L. Suau n, C. Horvath n, A. Sinykin*, M. Floyd n

MeSH headings : Adult; Aged; Crime / statistics & numerical data; Exercise; Fear / psychology; Female; Humans; Male; Middle Aged; North Carolina; Parks, Recreational / statistics & numerical data; Recreation; Residence Characteristics / statistics & numerical data; Surveys and Questionnaires
Source: ORCID
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2020 journal article

Parental preference for park attributes related to children’s use of parks in low-income, racial/ethnic diverse neighborhoods

Journal of Healthy Eating and Active Living.

Source: ORCID
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2020 journal article

Tree Canopy Coverage Predicts Lower Conduct Problem Severity in Children with ASD

Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 13(1), 43–61.

author keywords: Children; autism; mental health; nature; tree canopy; conduct Problems; aggression
Sources: ORCID, Crossref
Added: January 28, 2020

2019 journal article

A framework for mapping cultural resources in landscape conservation planning

Conservation Science and Practice, 1(6), e41.

author keywords: conservation planning; cultural landscapes; cultural resources; mapping
Sources: ORCID, Crossref
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2018 journal article

Gray space and green space proximity associated with higher anxiety in youth with autism

Health & Place, 53, 94–102.

By: L. Larson n, B. Barger*, S. Ogletree*, J. Torquati*, S. Rosenberg*, C. Gaither*, J. Bartz*, A. Gardner*, E. Moody*, A. Schutte*

Source: ORCID
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2018 journal article

Gray space and green space proximity associated with higher anxiety in youth with autism

Health & Place, 53, 94–102.

By: L. Larson n, B. Barger*, S. Ogletree*, J. Torquati*, S. Rosenberg*, C. Gaither*, J. Bartz*, A. Gardner* ...

author keywords: Anxiety; Autism; Children; Mental health; Nature
MeSH headings : Adolescent; Anxiety / psychology; Autism Spectrum Disorder / complications; Child; Female; Forests; Health Surveys; Humans; Male; Models, Statistical; Trees; United States
Sources: Crossref, ORCID, Web Of Science
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2017 journal article

Different Views From The 606: Examining the Impacts of an Urban Greenway on Crime in Chicago

Environment and Behavior, 50(1), 56–85.

By: B. Harris*, L. Larson* & S. Ogletree*

Sources: ORCID, Crossref
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2015 journal article

Can heritage resources highlight changes to the natural environment caused by climate change? Evidence from the Antarctic tourism experience

Journal of Heritage Tourism, 11(1), 71–87.

author keywords: environment; cultural heritage; climate change; Antarctica; natural heritage; numen; awe
Sources: ORCID, Crossref
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Investigating the impact of environmental greenspace exposure on telomere length
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Reliability of cell phone location data to track park visitor movements: A comparative pilot study
Clemson University Institute for Parks