Seung Keun Song

College of Engineering

Works (5)

2022 journal article

The influence of crystallographic texture on structural and electrical properties in ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2


By: Y. Lee, R. Broughton, H. Hsain, S. Song, P. Edgington, M. Horgan, A. Dowden, A. Bednar ...

Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 23, 2023

2021 journal article

Multimaterial Self-Aligned Nanopatterning by Simultaneous Adjacent Thin Film Deposition and Etching

ACS NANO, 15(7), 12276–12285.

By: S. Song, J. Kim, H. Margavio & G. Parsons

Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 23, 2021

2021 journal article

Toward understanding the phase-selective growth mechanism of films and geometrically-shaped flakes of 2D MoTe2

RSC ADVANCES, 11(61), 38839–38848.

By: T. Limbu*, B. Adhikari*, S. Song, B. Chitara*, Y. Tang*, G. Parsons, F. Yan*

Source: Web Of Science
Added: December 20, 2021

2020 journal article

Effect of reactant dosing on selectivity during area-selective deposition of TiO2 via integrated atomic layer deposition and atomic layer etching


By: H. Saare, S. Song, J. Kim & G. Parsons

Source: Web Of Science
Added: October 12, 2020

2019 journal article

Integrated Isothermal Atomic Layer Deposition/Atomic Layer Etching Supercycles for Area-Selective Deposition of TiO2

CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, 31(13), 4793–4804.

By: S. Song, H. Saare & G. Parsons

Source: Web Of Science
Added: July 29, 2019